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Radio Airplay Now provides FM Radio Airplay, PR and World Wide Marketing services to all genres of music. Music and radio campaigns provide FM Airplay with Radio One, CBS and Clear Channel radio. All fm stations are monitored by BDS or Mediabase & PAY ROYALTIES. Weekly BDS/ MEDIABASE reports are included with all FM Campaigns.


Cross marketing and PR campaigns provide artist and labels with distribution, billboard, inter veiws, publications, press conferences, programming, registration with all organizations for collection of publishing and royalties, identify target markets and execute a successful marketing plan.


Radio Airplay Now and affiliates have successfully helped hundreds of artist achieve National Charting with Billboard,BDS, Mediabase and CMJ. Online marketing strategies have also helped independent artist raise Reverbnation and iTunes charts, increase sales, all social networks, new fans, exposure and MAJOR LABEL CONTRACTS. For more information about our services please call our offices at 1-800-419-5394 or email




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  • Spazz "High Heels" - OVER 100 FM Mediabase/BDS Spins Top 50 National& Mediabase Charting (Urban Rhythmic) 
  • Kasha "I Want You" - OVER 100 FM Mediabase/BDS Spins & Mediabase Charting (Top 40 & Rhythmic)
  • Kasha "Hero" - OVER 10,000 National Monitored Radio Spins & National Charing on DRT, Record World Magazine Charts(Top 40 & Rhythmic)
  • TJ Thompson "Amnesia" ft.Jared Fusco - OVER 2000 National Monitored Radio & Europe FM radio spins (Rhythmic ,Top 40 & AC)
  • Team Go - OVER 100 FM Mediabase/BDS Spins & Urban Mediabase Charting (Rhythmic & Top 40)
  • Wydeframe "Focused" - OVER 2500 Natioanl & Europe FM radio spins Charting on National Top 200 DRT (Rhythmic & Hip Hop)
  • Lateefah "Here I Am" - OVER 3000 Natioanl Airplay Spins & Charting on National Top 50 Gospel Charts, Record World Magazine (Christian Gospel)
  • Fly Richie "Teeza" - OVER 250 FM Mediabase/BDS Spins & 10,000 National Airplay Spins. Urban Rhythmic Mediabase/BDS Top 100 Charts (Urban & Hip Hop)
  • Jupiter In Velvet "Make Out" - OVER 2500 National Airplay Spins & Natioanl Charting (Rock & Alternative)
  • Chan "Love Then Pain" - OVER 1500 National Airplay Spins & Charting on National Top 50 Gospel Charts, (Christian Gospel)
  • Trav Wellz "White Remy" ft.Jay Wellz - OVER 200 FM Mediabase/BDS Spins & Urban Mediabase Charting Top 100. National Top 200 Charts DRT, Record World Magazine (Urban & Hip Hop)
  • Gucci Mane -  FM Mediabase/BDS Charting & National Top 200 Charts (Hip Hop & Urban)